2013-14 Cycle: Reclaimed the Governor's Office, picking up 8 new seats and adding 11 new freshmen to the GOP team on Beacon Hill.

2015-16 Cycle: Delivered the most successful presidential-year election for Republican legislative candidates in over 30 years. Successfully defended every Republican incumbent; increased the size of the GOP caucus for the first time in a presidential year since 1984. (GOP caucus was decreased by 13% in 2012, and by 16% in 2008)


The most robust effort in recent memory for a year with no statewide elections

  • 15 full-time field staff; 2 full-time data staff
  • 7 Victory offices
  • Improved one of the best voter databases in the country
  • Knocked on 170,000 doors
  • Made over 600,000 phone calls
  • IDed more than 83,174 voters for down-ballot candidates. Used these IDs to create specific legislative data models to improve outreach on their behalf
  • Raised more than $3.75 Million for the Party and Victory program 



Unprecedented investment in incumbents and challengers

  • Sent over 2.5 million pieces of direct mail over 132 projects
  • $400,000 on direct candidate support in direct mail, polling, and digital advertising ($280,000 in 2014)
  • Over $1 Million in total coordinated campaign services
  • 50,000 Early Vote direct mail pieces targeted to likely GOP voters
  • 1 Million+ digital ad impressions delivered
  • Access to dozens of tools via the MassGOP Toolbox.
  • Trainings held across the Commonwealth to give candidates, activists, and volunteers the tools they need in key areas



Leveraging state-of-the-art technology to connect with more voters

  • Revamped digital platform, redesigned Party website
  • Suite of digital tools - website, email, social media - made available to candidates at a discounted rate
  • 40+ candidate and local committee websites built by Party staff
  • 200,000+ digital data points collected, matched to voter file
  • Detailed voter profiles developed to enhance database
  • Improved technology in the hands of candidates and volunteers across the Commonwealth



Holding Democrats accountable; Supporting the Governor and GOP team

  • Public affairs / digital campaigns to support MBTA reform, lower taxes, and making assault and battery on police a felony
  • Robust presence on local and national TV, radio, and print to advance GOP message
  • Actively engaging College Republicans, Young Republicans, and college / high school classes across Massachusetts. 
  • Partnered with Gov. Baker to offer "Ed Brooke" GOP scholarships for underserved communities
  • Elected to RNC Resolutions Committee, giving Massachusetts a key voice on an important message-crafting RNC panel