The Chairman's Priorities For 2017-18

The next two years are a major opportunity for our Party. We must prepare for the 2018 statewide elections, and continue to lay a solid groundwork to build our Party's grassroots into the future.


Town and Ward Committees are the backbone of our Party, and our biggest opportunity for growth and recruitment. The MassGOP has already been hard at work to give committees the tools they need to grow - like our RTC Handbook. In 2017, we need to redouble our efforts to strengthen our town committees. That starts with a committee that I'll establish to analyze the most effective ways to grow town committee membership, outline best practices, and improve core functions - all with the goal of ensuring they are a sustainable source of grassroots activism.  


The MassGOP just experienced our most successful presidential cycle in over 30 years, successfully defending every single legislative incumbent and adding to our caucus for the first time since 1984. The success of 2016 puts us in an even better position to capitalize on 2018. We need to defend the Governorship and our existing seats, while going on offense with a slate of smart, qualified candidates for the US Senate, Congress, constitutional office, and the Legislature. The hard work we've done to foster a stronger GOP presence at the municipal level will start to pay off as we recruit strong candidates in districts across Massachusetts. We'll double down on our investment in the MassVictory program, leveraging the best technology, data, and field tools to foster success up and down the ballot.


Our Party needs to be actively involved in our communities, and in the causes and charities we care so much about. By robustly supporting strategies for growth and educational opportunity in urban areas, we can continue to strengthen the ties to communities of color our Party has made since 2014. We'll also ensure our Party strenuously advocates for solutions to the economic distress that was at the center of the President-elect's campaign this year.


Make no mistake about it - in the next two years, the Democrats will ramp up their campaign to distort the record of Governor Baker and the Republican team. We need to respond by holding them accountable for their miserable record on taxes, job growth, and government accountability. Through a continued robust media presence, the Chairman will advance the GOP message across Massachusetts.


The first two years of our Party's Digital Initiative has been a huge success - we've provided dozens of candidates and committees with a suite of tools to make it easier to run a smart, tech-savvy campaign. We've also lowered the barrier for candidates to run targeted, effective digital advertisements to reach more voters. And we've continued to improve our state-of-the-art voter database and field contact tools. In 2018, we'll redouble those efforts, with a focus on training the next generation of operatives who understand how to leverage this technology to win.


Our MassVictory program has helped ease the burden local and legislative candidates face when it comes to building a field program. And the tools in our MassGOP Toolbox have made it easier than ever to get access to modern, effective campaign tools. In 2017-18, we need to continue to lower the barrier to entry. That means more access to training resources - both in person and online - and continued access to resources like donor lists, sample campaign plans, polling, and messaging resources (like incumbent vote records).