As Vice Chair of the Needham Republican Town Committee, it's with great enthusiasm that I endorse Kirsten Hughes for MassGOP Chair. As a grassroots activist, elected official and executive level campaign official, Kirsten is exactly the person we need to hold the reigns of the MassGOP. 

In my efforts on the local level for our Party, I have benefitted tremendously from Kirsten’s counsel, support and perspective. I know that I can trust her counsel because of her broad base of experience in Massachusetts politics.  While she is a capable manager who understands what is necessary to win races, she has also done the hands-on hard work of running conventions, building grassroots efforts and leading highly successful fundraising teams.  Whenever I have needed any resource for my local town committee or candidates, Kirsten has been there to provide the assistance requested. I have every confidence that she knows what needs to be done to support our City and Town Committees so that our candidates are elected. 

Perhaps more importantly, Kirsten has the vision to rejuvenate our Party with specific proposals to make our Party vibrant as we enter this upcoming election cycle.  Her goal of ensuring that at least half of our state's active RTC and RCCs are at membership capacity and supporting bylaw changes to empower RTC and RCC Chairs is an example of the type of proposals she will bring to the table. A significant distinction in this race is that Kirsten has no ideological litmus test for candidates. Kirsten has a proven track record as field director of the MassGOP of working with candidates and elected officials that have a range of opinions on social issues.  It is of grave concern to me that Kirsten’s main opponent is so readily identified by his social values as this places a severe limitation on our ability to attract viable candidates.  In the past elections cycle, we have seen that this narrow bandwidth has a detrimental effect on electable candidates in contested primaries.  These results should serve as a clarion call and guide our decision in selecting our MassGOP leader.  We need to have a party that is attractive to a spectrum of people who support our central principle of fiscal conservatism yet may have a diversity of views on other issues.   

This is a critical juncture in the direction of the MassGOP and if we follow the wrong path to an identity that makes us less embraceable by the electorate, we run the real risk of becoming inconsequential and irrelevant. Kirsten Hughes is the right candidate for MassGOP Chair because of her unrivaled political experience, her ability to work with leaders united by a common goal but with divergent opinions and her ability to excite the grassroots of our Party. Please join me in supporting Kirsten in this paramount election that will determine the direction of our Party in the coming years. 

Mary Tibma, Needham RTC Vice Chair